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You allow all your fears and accept them as wonderful aspects

of your soul that deserve attention

You understand that your feelings are never wrong and you allow yourself

to fully engage with them

You lovingly integrate traumatic experiences into your

past, present and future

You allow yourself to be pregnant in confidence

and in close connection with your baby

You go together with your child and partner

on your very own healing birth journey,

to be born physically and mentally healthy as a family

And you know that you're strong as a mom

even if you show weakness and that no one

is as competent for your baby as you are

Embrace your fears

they want to protect you!

Image for What you can expect from this course

What you can expect from this course

8 weeks 1 : 1 WhatsApp support by midwife Lara

9 live course meetings in the group (max. 15 participants) of 60 min

In-course WhatsApp group for protected communication

Access to the membership page with all course materials

8 step by step modules including meditations, breathing exercises,

dream journeys & massage instructions

helpful accompanying materials, links and recommendations,

which support you in experiencing and shaping your pregnancy and birth

Bonus: 8 yoga units for more relaxation, flexibility and well-being

Image for In the course

In the course

You uncover all parts of your soul which are overlaid by fears

and get to know yourself all over again

You work on strained relationships, train your willingness to draw boundaries

and learn to stand up for yourself and your wishes in front of family and obstetric staff

You comprehensively expand your knowledge of natural
and pathological processes during childbirth,

which gives you security and competence in every decision-making

You learn to understand your body, to let the hormones work for you

and relax deeply in a simple way 

to be able to become soft and wide during labor

You will learn how you do not have to passively endure possible pain,

but can work proactively and powerfully with it,

to rise above yourself

You direct your heart and mindset

for love, self-confidence and the close bond with your baby

I sincerely look forward

to welcoming you very soon to the Fear free birthing intensive course!


Die Kursinhalte im Überblick

  • Welcome & Introduction

  • The power of inner images - Preparing for the dream birth
    - Preparation of the postpartum period
    - Taking energy from your own life story

  • Maternal identity care - The healthy body as a positive amplifier of the soul
    - Avoid exhaustion from insufficient ferritin amount
    - Uncovering hidden parts of the soul
    - Loving personality development
    - Free choice of place of birth

  • Mind & Heartset Part I - Blast inner chains
    - Pack and return emotional packages
    - Symbolic language with affirmations

  • Mind & Heartset Part II - Emotional pain in physical scars
    - Anchor feelings
    - Intimacy & the need for closeness
    - Create momentum with hormones (oxytocin & endorphins)

  • Psychosomatic anamnesis - Uncover emotional pain issues
    - Installation of the inner helper

  • Constellation work - Force field relationships
    - The mother of all relationships
    - Proactive clarification of strained relationship patterns
    - Emotional bonding to the partner
    - Distribution of roles during birth

  • The 5 Stages of Trauma Coping - Strengthen resources
    - Become able to act
    - Reflect and classify fears and trauma

  • Mental processing - Feelings of guilt & the consequences
    - Identity-oriented resolution of pregnancy & birthrelated pain issues

  • Emotional attachment to the baby - The baby bump
    - The competent fetus
    - From the magic of verbal & non-verbal communication
    - About angel babies 

  • Every mother's unshakable intuition - Gut feelings
    - Involvement of the partner

  • Mental and physical stress relief during pregnancy - Understand, prevent & treat holistically
    - Feel and prepare the cervix yourself
    - Conscious intake of magnesium

  • Conscious prenatal care - Pregnancy & lobbying
    - The possibilities & limitations of invasive and non-invasive Prenatal diagnostics (amniocentesis, CTG, Ultrasound, etc.)
    - The Glucose screening test during pregnancy (OGTT)
    - Communication and attitude training in front of obstetric staff, friends and family members
    - VBAC Preparing for a spontaneous birth after caesarean section

  • The legacy of our ancestors - Prematurity human baby
    - The maternal pelvis
    - The primal power of the uterus
    - Umbilical cord wraps

  •  The natural birth - The magic 3 triggers for the beginning of labor
    - The mucus plug & the bloody show
    - The physiological birth process in 3 phases
    - The intuitive choice of the best birthing position

  • Modern birth control methods - The CTG at home and abroad
    - The FSE (fetal scalp electrode)
    - The FBS (fetal scalp blood sample)
    - The ultrasound

  • Pain as a guide - The fear-tension-pain cycle
    - Stress hormones as antagonists of the love hormone oxytocin
    - Avoid stress breathing

  • Reduce pain - The connection of jaw & pelvic floor
    - The influence of sympathetic & parasympathetic on the course of birth
    - Deep relaxation through abdominal breathing
    - Strain forces & counter-pressure during birth
    - Massage & Rebozo

  • The Landbirth - About Safety & Wellbeing
    - Privacy protection
    - Prophylaxis & resolution of fetal head entrapment
    - Prevent bleeding
    - Delayed cord clamping & lotus birth
    - Prevent placenta detachment difficulties

  • Particularities waterbirth - The benefits for the mother
    - The benefits for the child
    - Must Know for Water Birth

  • Particularities Breech birth - Just the other way around
    - ECV (External Cephalic Version) or not?
    - Soft touch ECV
    - Hands off the breech! during birth
    - Against the planned caesarean section

  • When labor induction is recommended - The different length  of each pregnancy
    - Release pressure when due date exceeded
    - What you can do in case of PROM (Premature Rupture Of Membranes)
    - Release the pressure when your baby head is measuring big

  • The induction - The difference in pain tolerance in induction labor
    - The midwives brew
    - The balloon dilatation catheter
    - Synthetic induction methods
    - Holistic support of the birth waves

  • From a practical point of view - The usual preparation
    - The alternative preparation
    - The course of a caesarean section
    - Planned, urgent & emergency caesarean section


  • From an emotional point of view - What you can do
    - Keeping in touch with the baby
    - Healing after a caesarean section

  • The classic birth intervention cascade

  • Interventions in the overview - Intravenous line as a routine
    - Manipulation of the cervix
    - Manipulation of the membranes
    - The Oxytocin drip
    - Antispasmodic drugs, nitrous oxide & opioides
    - The classic & therapeutic epidural
    - The professional and wrong fundal pressure
    - The excess force of directed pushing
    - Vacuum extraction from the middle of the pelvis & from the pelvic floor
    - Forceps delivery
    - The episiotomy

  • Understand & prevent worst case scenarios - Acute oxygen starvation of the baby
    - Green amniotic fluid
    - Umbilical cord prolapse
    - Premature abruption of the placenta
    - Uterine rupture
    - Shoulder dystocia
    - The uterine atony

  • Emergency management by midwives & doctors - What you can expect

  • Healing after childbirth - Support the physical conversion processes
    - Mothering the mother: overturn the baby blues

  • The healthy breastfeeding relationship - Breast care
    - The essence of every breastfeeding relationship
    - Learn to breastfeed together with your baby

  • When breastfeeding is not possible - How to bottle feed lovingly

  • In the first days & weeks
    - The APGAR score
    - The first moment & the first hour
    - Guthrie test without trauma
    - Prevent newborn jaundice
    - Minimize stressors
    - Holistic baby care, including baby handling & butterfly massage

  •  In the following months
    - Accompany examinations consciously
    - Carrying instead of swaddling
    - Integrate diaper free in a relaxed manner
    - Siblings & everyday life

  • End
    - Wean off breastfeeding in a relaxed manner
    - Be a mother & stay a woman

The requirements for your participation

You are pregnant.

At the start of the course, you are at most in the 33+0 weeks of gestation.

You are willing to face your fears and work with them,

even if it can be painful and will cost you energy.

You not only want to realign your motherhood, but also your femininity

and free yourself from everything that has previously prevented you
from coming into your full power.

You are ready for a non-binding introductory phone call,

where you will receive all further information about the course.

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In principle, it is always good if you can start dealing intensively with yourself and your motherhood as early as possible.

A lot will be initiated in the course and you will probably develop a fundamentally changed attitude towards experiencing pregnancy and childbirth.

Also, many things will come to the surface and occupy you emotionally.

The more time you have to allow your feelings and to recognize and work on fears, worries and blockages, the more stable you feel at the birth.

You will find out all the key data for the fear-free birthing intensive course in the non-binding preliminary talk.

Since we will be working with very sensitive topics over a long period of time, I would first like to find out more about your situation and whether the course is suitable for you and whether the relationship of trust is right. Because of course by participating in the course you allow me to put my finger on the wound, which requires your absolute willingness to allow it.

You will not be pushed into anything during the conversation and can then think about it in peace and decide together with your partner.

Of course, I support schoolgirls, students and women in financial difficulties and more and more health insurance companies take over a proportion of the course fee. Please contact the clerk you trust for this.

After participating in the fear-free birthing intensive course, I will issue you with a certificate that you can submit together with your invoice to your health insurance company.

Due to the pandemic, more and more insurance companies are willing to (proportionately) cover the costs of online courses. Unfortunately, I cannot promise you that your insurance company will agree to a subsidy.

The best thing to do is to simply call the customer support and ask.

Of course! During the course weeks, I can be reached privately via WhatsApp at any time during the week and, in emergencies, also at the weekend.

So far, the one-on-one support via voice messages has worked very well, since you can let me know about your thoughts at any time and I (depending on the time zone I am in) can answer them during my working hours.

You have access to all content of the Fear Free Birth Intensive Course via your personal member area for 1 year from the time the course starts.

If you become pregnant again, I will of course reactivate your account. Just send me a message via WhatsApp.

No, you can participate from anywhere in the world using your laptop, PC or smartphone.

However, I would recommend not using your cell phone for the weekly live calls, otherwise you will probably not be able to see all of your classmates on one page in the zoom call.

In your personal member area you will find the respective link to the zoom call. All you have to do then is click on it at the specified time.

All live course meetings are recorded and can be accessed in your member area the following day, so that you can watch them later or again at any time.

Of course, and you won\'t be the only one. Many mothers have their children with them. Since I can mute all participants when I\'m explaining something, that\'s no problem at all. If you want to ask or say something, you can turn on your audio in the Zoom call.

Hypnobirthing was developed by Marie Mongan based on the insight of Grantly Dick Read, a gynecologist and obstetrician who had a formative experience with a woman giving birth and based on it his theory of the vicious anxiety-spasm-pain cycle.

Hypnobirthing is about systematically reducing fears with hypnosis techniques. In addition, the focus is on breathing, relaxation and concentration exercises.

The basic techniques of hypnobirthing are:

  • Breathing (slow breathing, which the author says should be practiced every day)-
  • Visualization
  • Relaxation
  • Deepening (through the daily training of the mind)

The book Hypnobirthing is wonderful and has great information!

In the Fear-free birth intensive course you will learn everything you need to know to relax deeply during the birth and to be able to connect with yourself and your child even in critical situations.

However, hypnobirthing is NOT an explicit part, as I find birth to be an intuitive process that does not need to be practiced every day - even if I can support all the other information of the method.

Please have your gynecologist or family doctor take your blood and determine the serum ferritin value. It is not usually part of regular blood draws and you must specifically point this out.

If you already have a child, I recommend that you request the birth record before the course starts so that we can work with it in the coming weeks. All information about the required documents can be found on this page at the bottom of the FAQ.